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2/5 Student Free Day
4/5 Athletics Carnival
10/5-12/5 NAPLAN

17/5 School Photos

18/5 9am Assembly

18/5 6.3pm Governing Council

3/6 Student Free Day - No School

8/6 9am Assembly

13/6-17/6 R-2 Swimming

22/6 6.30pm Governing Council

29/6 9am Assembly

8/7 2pm Finish Last day of Term 2

25/7 First Day of Term 3

On behalf of the Morphett Vale Primary School Community I offer you a very warm welcome.

Choosing a school for your child is a very important decision for any parent.
We at Morphett Vale Primary School understand that at the heart of every parent’s decision is a desire to see their child happy, safe and achieving to their capacity.
We know that families want their child to enjoy and gain value from their schooling lives, gain a passion for learning and be supported, as required, to achieve success across all domains of their development.

Our key goal as a school community is to support each child to gain the necessary knowledge, skills and attributes to ensure that they are confident, competent and engaged in both their schooling as well as in their lives generally. Our work is focussed on supporting and preparing our students to take their place in the world as responsible citizens that lead enjoyable and fulfilling lives.

We aim high and offer a range of innovative programs and practices that strongly support our students to achieve the very best they can.
Our school environment is open and welcoming and is underpinned by high standards and a strong commitment to our school community values.

It is my hope that you will enjoy investigating our school’s website and find out for yourselves why our school is able to provide the range of opportunities, programs and practices that can best cater for your child’s schooling interests and needs.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the school in regard to any question or query that you may have.
I would be pleased to elaborate on any aspect of our school as well as organise a school tour if you require.


Rachel McLennan